BAR SCREENS: Front-cleaned, front-return mechanically cleaned reciprocating bar screens for wastewater screening having a stationary, rake-cleaned bar rack – no moving parts other than the rake are submerged, eliminating drive system fouling. Screen size, bar rack opening size, discharge height and channel dimensions are engineered to your specific application. DEEP WELL BAR SCREENS: Heavy duty mechanically cleaned reciprocating bar screens specifically designed for deep wastewater pumping stations providing improved performance in vertical lifting applications with anti-fouling design for positive screening discharge. FINE SCREENS: Continuously cleaned, self-unloading filtering and conveying belt screen for fine wastewater screening – screenings are captured and conveyed by the moving belt, a 2-dimensional grid sized to trap fine solids and provided with rows of projecting teeth for lifting larger debris. CONVEYOR SCREENS: Cost-effective engineered screenings handling and processing in a single stand-alone unit, available for in channel or packaged applications and ideal for confined space installations – wastewater screenings are collected and processed for easier and less expensive off-site disposal, having reduced volume and odor. Ideal for small to medium sized wastewater screening applications. VORTEX GRIT REMOVAL: Automatic grit removal from continuous wastewater flows in a low footprint shop-fabricated package plant or for a concrete tank installation. Grit is settled, concentrated, washed of organics, and dewatered producing a dried and cleaned product of reduced volume and odor. Grit is pumped from the vortex grit collecting chamber by an air-lift pump, a recessed impeller grit pump or a self-priming grit pump to a final stage grit classifier. GRIT CLASSIFIERS: Grit Classifiers in shafted or shaftless screw design available in a wide range of sizes and capacities with or without cyclone concentrators – final grit removal processing stage where grit is settled from a feed slurry, concentrated, washed and dewatered prior to discharge. GRIT COLLECTORS: Automatic conveyor systems for grit removal from continuous or batch wastewater flows – shafted or shaftless grit conveyor screws for submerged duty in horizontal aerated grit tanks or as an inclined grit collector – with the drive unit located outside the tank for easy access. SCREENINGS WASHING DEWATERING PRESS: Screenings Washing and Dewatering Press uses a shaftless conveyor screw to process raw wastewater screenings – conveying, washing out fecal matter and dewatering screenings to reduce discharged volume and liquid content. SCREW CONVEYORS: Shaftless screw conveyors, an enclosed conveying system designed without internal shafts or bearings to eliminate wrapping and plugging, are the equipment of choice for handling wet, coarse, sticky and stringy materials: wastewater screenings, dewatered sludge, grit, food processing and pulp and paper wastes. Choose from standard equipment designs or a custom layout for your specific application.